To walk; Do walk!
Leave a trace?
No way out?
Leave stains? Orů
Leave a trace?
Or not to go...>>>

portfolio: press reviews


...But undoubtedly one of the most expressive examples is a stage design project of a young
artist A.Romanchenko, namely its philosophical content and comprehension of the stage space where the action of Hamlet play has to develop. And that's why it became an object of our attention. It goes about a kind of a dialog... >>>

eat me!

...Such stage design supports the director's solution of N.Bogdanov who presents the play's action as a beginning of something, a clean sheet of paper...>>>

duck hunting

...Wash-bowls instead of chairs. And during the whole performance it was dripping from the ceiling...>>>

...A few buckets of water were poured out in the lobby and even spread sheets could not help. And somebody then was sitting with their feet wet....>>>

...The production is still in the process of improvement but both the director and stage designer build it in their imagination far in advance to its reading and rehearsals. Then they change something during rehearsals, correct something, but follow their line with confidence. Both artists are young and interesting...>>>

marusia churai

..."the story became a legend and the legend turned into a myth"...>>>

...When you see Marusia Churai of this kind, all blah-blah that there is no Ukrainian theatre in Ukraine seems to be mere empty words. There is the theatre, it does exist! ... >>>

zadunaets za porohom

...The play turned to be bright, spectacular show where comic and lyrical, high patriotical feelings and symbolic generalizations of present day got mixed up organically. The story about love to Motherland is narrated sincerely and properly...>>>

...The name decodes a lot of thoughts coming to a man who has some knowledge about our history. We loved this rephrased name a lot. Zadunaets is a Kozak who lives beyond the threshold of his native land and strives to be back on his father's threshold, to come back home.... >>>


...Today theatre needs a new view, new scenic and artistic interpretation of opera and ballet masterpieces. And here nobody can do without a stage designer, researching, original, interesting, unclicheed by existing stereotypes...>>>

elder son

...The stage set was designed in a rather original way. Andriy Romacnhenko, the stage designer used light white fabrics playing the role of walls in Sarafanov's house....>>>


...The stage production became a deserving addition to Camus misanthropic text. Andriy Romanchenko, the stage designer, materialized on the stage set the realities of unpleasant prolonged nightmare. Yellow walls... >>>

...As F.Nietzcshe "spent a night" in this play with his thoughts that God is dead, we have a Voltaire's bust on the stage. He was the first to struggle with the God. I tell all this, because the present spiritual crisis experienced by the whole Western civilization... >>>

dawn's bride

...'Bride of the dawn' was produced in Ukrainian for the first time. The play is based on the Spanish folklore and it's very interesting. And when a foreign artwork is translated, published or staged in a theatre, it becomes a legacy of the national culture... >>>

.... The special vision expressed itself in a deep analysis of hidden psychological motives not only of the play's text in the whole, but of every phrase in particular. Inner essence of the play's characters has been significantly broadened and they are presented not as types but as archetypes... >>>